2005 Honda S2000 – Daily Driver Dilemma


With regards to building a Honda, sometimes the greatest decision revolves around whether to keep your car being a daily driver or subject it to weekend-only duty. Due to Honda’s legendary reliability, it’s not entirely uncommon to see a full-blown build used as an everyday commuter. And in some cases, the owner simply doesn’t have the luxury of owning two vehicles with specific purposes. One thing’s for certain: in most cases, those who use their cars for daily duties often shy away from heavy engine modifications to insure they don’t compromise the reliability factor too much. Travis Sewell, owner of this sleek back 2005 Honda S2000, isn’t one of those particularThe very first thing you probably notice about Sewell’s S2K, besides the immaculate black paint and hardtop, is the intercooler smiling behind a grill-less AP2 front bumper. That custom intercooler of course results inSewell wasn’t interested in settling on mid-200 horsepower numbers like countless before him, even though the F-series mill has proven it might hold up very well under mild boost. No, he was shooting for further like 400whp. With a roommate that operates a tuning shop, Sewell was able to install the kit at his roomie’s shop, and then apply his personal tuning touch and drive the Honda S2000 away with 440whp. To get the impressive number, ID1000 injectors, a J’s Racing header and T1R exhaust were combined within theJDP and hardtop Engineering rear diffuser matches the evil that lurks under the hood. In the wheel department, a pair of staggered CCW Classics were shoehorned within the completely reworked arches, permitting 10.5-inch running gear the rear to take advantage of the newfound power. The fender massaging, as well almost 10 years of wear and tear, took its toll and Sewell felt like it was time to re-spray the S2000. A few coats of Crystal Black Pearl from theThere’s certainly that you’re daydreaming about driving any project car during that daily commute if you have an additional car that you simply daily drive. For Travis Sewell, there’s no dreaming needed; he bangs gears in his 400-plus horsepower S2000 day in and day outstainless-steel lines

Wheels/Tires CCW Classic 18×9 34 front, 18×10.5 47 rear; Hankook 215/45/18 front, 245/35/18

Exterior Custom rolled and flared front fenders, rolled fenders and relocated rear bumper tabs, vented OEM hood; OEM Honda AP2 front lip; JDP rear diffuser; Seibon carbon fiber hard top; Downforce carbon fiber side diffusers; Veilside spoiler; APR carbon fiber mirrors; JDM OEM Honda red badges


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