Non-Luxury Cars that Are Actually Luxuriously Luxurious

We simple folks love to taste luxury. It’s tough, we don’t always get to have the nice things that others have, others with money. It’s a tough life being poor or at least middle class. We’re always comparing ourselves to others, those with more, those who seem to have everything fed to them with a silver spoon. We can stick our thumbs in our mouths and cry about it, or we can find ways to taste luxury in ways that we might not think are obtainable but actually are. The best way to find luxury is in your vehicle, as a long of mid-level car companies are making cars that are actually quite nice inside and out, and still have the more reasonable price tag. Here are a few options of cars that may not seem luxurious but actually do feel fairly luxurious.

Nissan Altima


If you haven’t seen the Altima in a few years, you may think you’re going crazy seeing this car on this list. It used to be just a boring middle of the road sedan. But the good folks at Nissan have really turned the heat up in their designs lately and have made the Altima a car that should not be mocked. Check out the Altima at Nissan Ontario and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. It’s got leather interior as an option, and it’s fast and smooth. it handles like a dream and is a real pleaser to the eye. Don’t think so? Look at and you’ll see that the Altima looks more like some sort of Infiniti or other luxury car. You’ll impress your friends and your pocketbook.

Chrysler 300


The folks on the American side of automotive manufacturing are known for making clunkers that last a few years and then die in a sea of malfunctions and shoddy craftsmanship. It’s funny that Ford and other companies herald their cars as “”built Ford tough”” when everyone knows these american cars are a big fat joke with no punch line. But to every rule there is an exception, and the new 300 from the Chrysler line is actually a beautiful car that is very luxurious. You will never believe you’re in a car built on American soil as you spin around the curves in a beast so nice and lovely that you’ll think you’re dreaming. Take one for a spin and you’ll see.

Acura TSX

2013 Acura TSX SE.

2013 Acura TSX SE.

Acura is well-known as a more expensive Honda, with pretty much all the parts on the car being Honda parts, and they only think you’re paying for really is the A instead of the H on the emblem. Everyone knows you’re throwing your money away for nothing. That said, the TSX is a great car and actually feels luxurious in a way that other cars only try to match. It’s got a 201 HP engine and that kind of power will make you feel like the king you are not.

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