The Ultimate Driving Machine


An overview of the BMW Range

German engineering at its best. BMW have a 50/50 weight distribution philosophy to make certain that each car that leaves the production line has healthy handling. Generally built for cruising on the autobahns most designs have good performance and levels of comfort.

The addition of the M series badge indicates a thoroughbred well sorted and tuned car. Even old M series cars work well against modern cars. The Alpina badge is reserved for the best of the greatest – ridiculous levels of comfort and performance. Sadly BMW are becoming very mainstream and are perceived by many like a status symbol which can be certainly far from the truth of the base models and lower engine sizes 1.6 – 1.8 and were produced for small time hairdressers and managers.

BMW the ultimate driving machine? – definately by incorporating modifications!

When buying a BMW look for big engines, the M or Alpina Badge and you will not really disappointed. The cars are incredibly heavy due to the nature in the interior comforts so putting the car on a diet will actually improve handling a lot.

The 330d is one of the best diesel engines currently available propelling a 3 series to 60 in 7.8 seconds! All cars are solid and would offer high degrees of protection for the occupants in the case of a crash. The 1 series was BMW’s stab at capturing the A3 and Golf markets and BMW did a reasonable job. All models in the BMW range are Rear Wheel Drive and for that reason have a tendency to over steer. Recent innovations add a completely customizable engine and gearbox put in place which takes a little bit of setting up but does suggest that the car may be tuned to individual driver preference. The BMW grill and shape is distinctive so even debadging the car is not going to stop it looking like a BMW. Servicing can be expensive on most models especially if you proceed to the main dealer – however, many independent specialists are springing up and are able to service the car to some high standard. The 5 series introduced in 97 represents a major revision and is actually a drivers car.

Tuning – the BMW engines are typical very strong and tunable capable of handling much more power than is provided as standard although the M’s are very highly tuned they generally do show the potential of improvement about the other models. Most cars are electronically speed limited – and so i would rather view the power available throughout the gears than capped so fitting a low ratio gearbox will unleash several of this lost power but trade off a number of the economy.

Induction kits and sports exhaust assistance with breathing and unleash a few ponies on the higher rev ranges. A lot of remap alternatives are available and also the Turbo Diesel models respond particularly well to a new ECU program offering lots more torque and power with a minimum loss of economy. Weight reduction can produce significant results providing you are prepared to sacrifice ride ‘comforts’.

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